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Living Areas

Living rooms and bedrooms are the lifeblood of any home. They're spaces for gathering and relaxation, and a comforting aesthetic is crucial to their success. With the right blend of color, shape, and placement, we can morph any combination into the perfect living area: We can make a room say welcome home.
Design Spotlight

Type: Living Areas

Designer: Katie Hartzog

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Whether you call it a lounge, living room, or even parlor, it's the center of gravity for any residence, and it should draw its energy accordingly. The living room is the heart of the house, a space where it's equally appealing to hold a conversation or simply relax.
Likewise, a bedroom ought to comfortably reflect the character of its owner, being the primary microcosm of any person's world; a bedroom is fertile ground for self-expression and solitude, as well as the best place in the house, of course, to catch some sleep.

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