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Lights, camera... Alright, no camera, but an expertly lit room certainly deserves one. Proper lighting is crucial to any interior and can completely alter the mood of a scene. Warm and welcome, or cool and moody—there's a rhythm to both, and an art to their application. Our designers are expert directors of light. Action!

Design Spotlight
Katie Hartzog
Fort Wayne, Indiana

To light a room is to make a statement, just as the composition of a room is a message itself. Lighting determines how an area's character is presented, augmented, or diminished. It tells an emotional story and shows us how to feel when entering the room.

There's a reason major films always have someone on set whose sole job is to take care of the lighting: It makes or breaks the shot. When it comes to lighting, we treat your home like a big budget studio. We take every precaution to light your life just right.

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