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The things in a home are reflections of its owner. They are parts of a whole, and they work in harmony to paint a greater work of art; they are components of the overall design, and their orchestration is key to bringing a space together. From furniture and finishes to drapery and decor, we'll guide you to visual perfection.

Design Spotlight
Katie Hartzog
Fort Wayne, Indiana

The final step in finishing a room is supplying it with the items—artwork, pillows, throws, candles, vases, glassware, and furnishings, to name a few—that mirror your taste and add punch to the space. Furniture and accessories exude your personality.

Nothing says "good taste" like skillful accessorizing. It's the difference between a bare, cavernous chamber and a living, expressive room. With us, you can rest assured of a makeover that'll turn heads—we're experts in taking spaces from flat to fabulous.

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